yay i can post again! (and my exams are over too!)

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May 27 2005 18:53
yay i can post again! (and my exams are over too!)

sorry for the prolonged absence over the last few months...

for some reason, i couldn't log in or post on the boards for ages (every time i tried to i got an error message, and then got the error message again when i tried to go back or look at any page of the boards)... but now i seem to be able to log in ok again (perhaps because of the revamp of the boards)...

and also i've been busy with uni finals, but that's all over now (with the result that i now have to somehow find a job, but i'm going to see if there's any way out of that one wink )... so i'm (hopefully) now back (assuming that the random error message thing doesn't happen again)...

(i still think libcom's a shit name tho...)

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May 27 2005 20:29

Welcome back dude. So what job you going to look for?