WMA Actionplan

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Lab Rat
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Feb 12 2007 12:10
WMA Actionplan

well its been a while, i reckon there should be a meeting to determine what exactly is going on with the group. is it worth the effort continuing? are there any actions on the table, or do we continue as a discussion group?
what is the future for wma?

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Feb 13 2007 20:20

Its an awkward one mate, i know people are involved with stuff thats going on over coventry and warwickshire way and what with all the other activities planned over the next few months i really dont think many people are going to have the time to put into wma. Also i think what were doing now covers everything wma did and more while having a more palpable direction to it. Is there any need for us to be organising under two banners when we will be doing pretty similar things under each banner?