Thought and Agit Prop Section On Site

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Nov 16 2004 13:27
Thought and Agit Prop Section On Site

Ill be putting up the thought section on the site, it will replace the anarchism section, but the introduction to anarchism will remain on the site, under the thought section, aslong as everyone agrees.

Basically if you have written something concerning anarchism, then just email it me, or just bring it to the next meeting, and i will put it up on the site. Hopefully we will be able to get a whole archive of contemporary anarchist thought from the midlands! Mr. T

Also, i was thinking of putting up an agit-prop section on the site, maybe we could have a section for F's cartoons? But i was thinking we could have our own agit-prop totally unique to us, which everyone of course will borrow of us, but have a section of a new agit prop to use.

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Nov 18 2004 18:11

sounds good

thanks for your hard work on it mate smile

well appreciated