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Dec 17 2003 00:39
Prisoner support

yo people. now i've been thinking, and since we decided to ignore the stalinist we've not been doing much prisoner support wise. i know when we start the tour (big when that) we'll be doing some near wilkos, but still, we should be doing alot more. for a practice run, i'm asking mojuk for their list of miscarriage of justice prisoners who want to get xmas mail, if i pm you each a few prisoners' addresses could you all send em a card wishing them well etc.?

then after we've got brum brum done we can think about getting down to some serious prisoner support for our comrades (in the genuine rather than rubbish trot sense) behind bars. we can start putting some ideas and resources together on this thread, so come the meeting when we've all been disorganised and not brought minutes, brought the wrong minutes, woke up late, or whatever, we can just print of this thread and use that.

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Dec 20 2003 10:22

Prisoner of War Against War Needs Our Solidarity!

Act today and send a card to somebody who'll be inside

during Christmas! Sue Brackenbury is on remand in HMP

Eastwood Park - having climbed one wall and cut one

fence too many, at UK nuclear establishments. She has

five trials in the pipeline - most of them in

magistrates' courts - and one in Plymouth, in the

Crown Court ( "Going equipped" = Looking for a

submarine with a hammer, at Devonport nuclear

dockyard) .

Sue would LOVE to hear from people. Her address is:

Sue Brackenbury HT 6792

HMP Eastwood Park,




GL12 8DB

She can also receive ( and would love to have) CDs,

and stamps. If you wish to further show your

solidarity with Sue, why not arange to visit her? If

you wish to do so, email to sort

it out.