april 9th meeting minutes

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Apr 12 2005 21:49
april 9th meeting minutes

attended by: Kidda, Gawk, Rebel, labrat, J

minutes taken by J (added to by Kidda because J's beer intake seems to have affected the minute taking grin )

wavy handed guitar actions when kidda made good points: Gawk




This year we have a choice. London. Manchester. Brum.

Most people liked the idea of manchester because it meant getting out of brum and meeting some new people. Plus the added bonus of there being a conflict gig.

No one liked the idea of london due to previous experiences.

concerns were raised as to whether we should stay and support local mayday stuff.

action: J to go to Dissent meeting on following Tuesday and see what's planned.

group to decide whats what at the next meeting.

anti-fash [check list]


People were concerned that they felt a bit powerless to do things.

In reality theres not much we can do, all we can do is provide some support

action: contact the workers down there that we know. keep ourselves informed. If theres a march like last time go down and show some solidarity. Ask if theres anything needed.

Norwich Anarchist Bookfair

Good idea in principle. But there seems to be loads of other things happening on the same day so it seems unlikely we'll be able to get there for it.

Action: review at the next meeting

Leamington Peace festival

Appears to be the same day as the N.A. bookfair.

After last years sucessfull stall, people were keen to get involved

again this year and go over as a group.

The stall still needs formally booking

action: rebel to take over the organising of the stall and to contact his mate running the event

Community Action June 18th

doesnt seem as if anyone will be avaliable to get down.

action: group looking at a way round that

Social Centres

people were asked if any of the group were involved in Centre 13. None of us are. Discussion followed about the politics of social centres, 'what is a social centre', the problems social centres can create and/or help solve.

Update on the Nursery for those who hadnt caught up on what happened.

Welcome home drink for GT

wont write anything about this cos he'll only get a big head when he reads it. blimey talking about it in march, he ant back untill Sept wink grin


Friday 22nd April

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Apr 13 2005 18:55

cool cool. i woudl like to go NA bookfair it sucks that it clashes with peace festival. its a hard choice hippies or bookfair......Bookfair! tongue twisted