Agenda for 10/02 meeting.....

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Feb 2 2006 19:38
Agenda for 10/02 meeting.....

if anyone has anything they wish to be on the agenda for the forthcoming meeting then stick it up on this thread.....

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Feb 7 2006 13:46


Brum Brum


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Feb 8 2006 00:15

bollox i can't make this cos the newly formed leamington/warwick uni chapter are also having a meeting grin

there's fucking 12 of us

how the hell did that happen eek

will be seeing some of u tomorrow tho...

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Lab Rat
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Feb 8 2006 02:54

i hear coventry have 12 newbies as well. were growing stronger everyday!! mwahaha!! twisted

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Feb 10 2006 14:13

'fraid I can't make it this time.

One thing to mention for the agenda though, the new edition of 'The Radish' was being handed round at uni today (its actually quite good, so I think I'll get involved). Anyway, they're holding a benefit gig on February 18th at The Hub, Shackleton Hall with Cracked Actors playing. Doors are at 8pm and it costs £3.

I can't go myself (they've only gone and put it on the same day as Wednesday play United - which I ain't missing!), but thought it worth mentioning in case anyone else fancies going down. In particular, it says that "Charity/Campaign/Anarchist stalls very welcome but please contact John/Matt first on: 07886186797/07769551146"

Even if nothing gets done for this gig, the implication is that this will be a regular event to finance the paper, so it could be a very good place to hold some stalls.