Adios amigos

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Sep 17 2005 22:56
Adios amigos

Well thats me done with Brum for a bit then.

Im moving to manchester tomorrow.

I've still got nowhere to live, but yaknow what, life will work something out.Really going to miss you lot (apart from that geekroger bloke, why does he continue to hang around meetings? tongue )

we've got one really fucking tight collective in wma

and i see you lot as family.

I mean it when i say that if you have any trouble you need helping with you've all got my number, manc's only 2 hours away, i'll be there as soon as i can. hangover or no hangover. violet black star circle A

+ Look after WeTheYouth and make sure he doesnt become a daddy too soon (or reads to much marx)

+ Make sure J gets lots of love support and MASSIVE books to read

+ Remember rebel lion should get lots of hugs at regular intervals (preferably as you feed him hot chili) and phone me if he doesnt feed the ducks in leamington at least once whilst im gone

+ Look in on DoD as much as you can and make sure he's still ok.

+ Give F some encouragement to do some of his very fine artwork on Brum Brum and future stuff

+ Help GT relearn brummie-english, being in spain for that long cant have been good wink and make sure he settles back in alright

+ someone prod Vaneigemappreciationclub to make sure he's still active and remind him he's a sound bloke

+ Do the same for C this time checking he's not stuck in a Bri'hell and if he is give him some drugs, loud geeeeeetah music and then a carpet to sleep rolled up in and he'll be fine

+ ok i suppose you can be nice to that gawkrobot kid, smash his skateboard if he gets too lively though*

+ Get Mel to more meetings

+ Find more pooftahs

+ and women

(to be in the group, not just to sleep with)

+ get in touch with the people who are interested, but let in no strange'uns again

+ give a big hug to everyone i was too pissed to mention

+ and most importantly send me supplys. drugs books cds and tinned stuff should see me through smile smile

Love you all loads 8) 8)

see you soon (im back in brum Friday for one night so i can pick up the rest of my stuff incase any of you fancy a bevvie to say bye in person)

Take it easy


*make sure gawky doesnt take up drinking. It'll be safer having at least one sober one amongst you lot wink xx take it easy brother

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Sep 18 2005 16:05

You better come back on friday for a drink, what kind of person are you to not go to the pub with us before you go off to start a revolution in manchester! tongue

Send me your address when you get up there, ill send you brum brums and maybe a christmas card off me and the wife! Mr. T

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Sep 18 2005 18:39

Hey, ı'm busy settıng up regıonal WMA massıves around europe at the mo, gonna recruıt those crazy athens black bloc ınsurrectıonısts next, bolster our fıghtıng wıng a lıttle, those suspected fash ın the F&F wont show theır faces agaın when a petrol bomb comes theır way!

anyhow all the best ın manchester, ıf ı get any cash ı'll send a phat bıfta ın the post tongue