G8 info night and punk gig in Newport

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May 7 2005 14:54
G8 info night and punk gig in Newport

Gwent Anarchists will be doing another G8 info night with music and

merryness on June 4th in Le pub in newport


Spanner - Anarcho ska punk from Bristol - www.spannerintheworks.net

Da Capo - Punk Rock 3 piece - www.freewebs.com/dacapodacapo

Rejected - punk noise from Newport - www.soundclick.com/bands/1/rejected

We'll be showing films about the upcoming G8 summit in July in scotland and

the planned protests as well as footage from prevoius protests from around

the world. There'll be stalls giving out free infomation and selling cheap books

as always its FREE

Flyer here:


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Jun 3 2005 19:48

I was planning on going but other things have got in the way roll eyes . Let me know how it turns out.