work program advisor imposing savings from JSA

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work program advisor imposing savings from JSA

hi everybody

I am a new user and i have concerns about an email i received from my work program advisor. i have been on the program at Reed in Hounslow. Is my advisor allowed to do this.

any advice would be much appreciated.

many thanks


I regards to your Email:

you say that you did not agree to a telephone interview as you have no
telephone and have stated in the Email your son as informed you he will not
be an intermediary. In this case, I would advise you to use your Job
seekers Allowance. If you are unaware of what your Job Seekers Allowance is
for, it is exactly that. For Job seeking proposes. On this occasion it
would mean the purchasing of a cheap phone from CEX ( £20 pounds ) and a
sim card ( £3 pounds ). As the result of you not having a mobile or
landline makes it limited for an employer to contact you and DIRECTLY has
an effect on your job search and application ( especially if you need to
call an employer, agency OR request feedback )

If you are unable to purchase a phone, I will mandate that you save £5 per
week for 5 weeks until this action is completed and you have a working

In regards to your job search and application, I am not asking you to
DULPICATE your job searches. I am afraid your appointments are not dictated
by you or myself, but a decision which I believe will help you in getting
closer to securing paid employment.

I must stress that you undertake your job search and application to meet
the needs of the Job Centre  for your Job Seekers Allowance, however, to
meet the requirements of the WORK programme, I would like you to come in
every two weeks, make application for a minimum of 10 jobs (complete a job
log sheet) and hand in to me so that I may upload on to your file. I will
also give you a list of additional websites for you to use.

I will be happy to discuss this further in our next meeting for full

Not adhering to mandated activities by your Work Programme Advisor may
result in a doubt being raised for failing to comply and effect your full
entitlement to benefits.

Please feel free to clarify this Email or any points with the Job Centre or

I will be sending out a new appointment for us to discuss this further.