What's the deal with the tube workers?

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Sep 6 2010 20:43
What's the deal with the tube workers?

So I heard earlier that the 5pm strike might not go ahead.

More important than that, I heard that DLR, overground and other private rail operators would continue running in London, also other tube workers not in the TSSA or RMT might continue work too.

Why is this strike such a mess? I could have sworn other tube strikes haven't been quite this messy. As it happens I spent some time speaking with a DLR security guard/inspector earlier, which actually went quite well. He says that none of them are unionised and that there is a relatively high-turnover.

Are any groups concentrating on these issues? I never even knew they could be issues before.

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Chilli Sauce
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Sep 7 2010 20:02

My understanding is that it was quite conscious that the DLR and Overground workers didn't go out. Whether that's from following labour legislation (only worker facing an impact can be balloted), from a lack of organization on those parts of the transport system, or from a timidness on behalf of the unions, I don't know...

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Sep 10 2010 08:28

I think it's that Overground workers have different conditions as London Underground workers due to them being seperate 'companies' (even if all part of Transport for London) so yeah, technically it's not 'their dispute'.. I don't know but I imagine the same would be true of DLR..

It was the same with the last strike, Overground workers didn't join the strike (though I thought that DLR workers had, but my memory is foggy)..