UK-NHS Pay deal?

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Mar 8 2015 18:59
UK-NHS Pay deal?

UNISON has annouced that it's NHS members have accepted a new pay offer (67%to32%) which whilst still not giving the previously 'independent' recomendation of 1% accross the board still gives ''it's lowest paid a rise of between 2.2-5.6%'' but am I right in thinking this is from this year rather than backdated to March last year - they have been taking limited action since then until the last one day strike was suddenly canceled by the UNISON tops. UNISON is claiming the advent of the parliamentary elections as putting on pressure to get this compromise deal but just as likely it was the reason for the Labour Party supporting UNISON to call off rather than escalate the industrial action. Does anyone have more details of the final pay deal than on the public UNISON site??

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Mar 9 2015 10:52

I have asked a libcom NHS worker for more info…

I imagine something similar happened to local government workers: apparently the Unison leadership did a dirty deal with Labour (who run the local government employers' association) to guarantee no more strike action before the election, by agreeing a 2 year pay deal of 2.2% (instead of the 1% per year government cap), and then basically foisted it on members.