Test Their Logik (Canadian Anarchist Hip Hop)- UK Tour dates October!

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Sep 21 2011 09:35
Test Their Logik (Canadian Anarchist Hip Hop)- UK Tour dates October!

Test Their Logik

Empowering and inspirational hip-hop sounds all the way from Southern Ontario, Kanada AKA Turtle Island. In 2011 they will embark on their first European tour, including a 13-show stint in the UK. Check out the links below to hear them!

Test Their Logik
UK TOUR 2011

Tuesday 11th: Milton Keynes, The Watershed
Wednesday 12th: Basingstoke, Poison
Thursday 13th: Exeter, The Cavern
Friday 14th: Bristol, Arc Bar
Saturday 15th: Brighton, Cowley Club
Sunday 16th: London, New Cross Inn
Monday 17th: Nottingham, Sumac
Tuesday 18th: Leamington, Prince Of Wales
Wednesday 19th: Chesterfield, Joplins
Thursday 20th: Leeds, Santiagos
Friday 21st: Liverpool, Social Centre (Next To Nowhere)
Saturday 22nd: London, Anarchist Bookfair (Queen Mary University)
Saturday 22nd: London, Anarchist Bookfair After-Party (The Victoria, Dalston)


http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=216896611702547 - Facebook tour event

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Oct 20 2011 17:54

Be nice to catch these guys at the bookfair.