southampton meet and social 8th september

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nelly dean
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Aug 20 2011 21:17
southampton meet and social 8th september

I have been a very lonely southampton anarchist for a very long time!!! Where are you all!! Im organising a meet and social for the 8th of september. Please PM for details etc etc. At the moment its only me attending and as they say 2 is a crowd. There was a small turn out for BBC picket when Griffin was put on question time so i know there is some of you lurking about the city!!
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Aug 26 2011 23:45

There's quite a few round southampton mate (or should that be mush?) i'm actually moving up to london fairly soon but the old STE crowd still knock about the place and i see a fair few anarchists and lefties around fairly regularly, particularly the sabs.

A lot of them are pretty heavily organised in the large co-op movement in the city so that'd be a good place to start and one of my old working places october books used to have a contacts list for left groups in the city.
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Sep 12 2011 08:51

How did the meet and social go? I'd love to see something long term get off the ground down there.

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Sep 17 2011 21:58

I would have been up for going to that if I knew about it! I live in Basingstoke which is about 30mins away.