Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity

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Dec 16 2009 12:47
Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity

Hey all, im looking to organise a "Chiapas" or "Zapatista" day at my university - Queen Mary in east london. I emailed Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity for help with this, but have received no reply. Is there anyone on here that i can PM about this? If there are closer local groups that i can get in contact with i dont mind, but the reason i contacted Edinburgh is because they seem to have lots of merchandise, which i would like to be sold at the day on campus to raise money for the work going on in Chiapas. Other things ive got idea for are a documentary on the zapatisras to be shown later on in the day, some chiapas food (or mexican if there is no such thing as chiapas style food), mayb some music, artwork...other creative ideas welcome.