Eco-squats and liberated spaces in the UK

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Dec 30 2008 16:21
Eco-squats and liberated spaces in the UK

Hi, does anyone know of any groups in the UK that have occupied areas of land and are using them to promote environmentalism, permaculture and organic growing?

I would be really interested in getting involved with something like this but there doesn't seem to be much information about on the subject.


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Oct 16 2011 16:39

Not sure about squats and occupied land exactly but there is Dial House in Essex, which is an open house (meaning anyone can go visit and live there if they want to as long as they help out) and it runs permaculture courses occasionally. It's owned by Penny Rimbaud of the old anarchist punk band Crass. Here's a video and wikipedia page,_Essex
I'm sure you can find out some more about it in places.

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Oct 16 2011 23:45

This might just be more frustrating than enlightening, but I'm vaguely aware of a project somewhere around the Witham area doing a Diggers 'back to the earth' style project out of a squatted old country house... other than that, there's various communal living projects around that have an eco-focus. Mostly not squatted, but still might be interesting to ya. Decent list of that sort of thing at diggers and dreamers - mostly old hippy types, but nice people Im sure.