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Apr 19 2013 18:58
Anarchist Welsh Translation

I recently set up a group because i saw that South Wales Anarchists, Cardiff Black Cross, Food Not Bombs Wales, Cardiff Squatter's Network and similar groups need consistent Welsh translation.

The list i set up is for voluntary translators to do this work. We only translate documents/posters/leaflets/websites etc that are non-profit, non-hierarchical and of an anarcho-socialist viewpoint (more or less).

The idea is to promote the email to activist groups in Wales, then they are able to send us whatever they require to be translated. Volunteers then that are on the mailing list opt into doing the translation and then post it up onto the group so that other translatiors in the list can proof read. The finished translation would then be sent back to the group/persons that requested it and would then have bilingual material.

The fight for language rights in Wales is a fight against Globalization and i's important to respect wish to be able to live their life thrugh the medium of Welsh.

We were thinking about translating classic pamphlets etc. Any suggestions? Also we are trying to work out how to promote this email to groups that could use it.

How do anarchists deal with translating and bilingualism in Basque contry or in Chile with the Mapuche language? Do anarchists in Ireland and Scotland deal with this too? We use Computer Automated Translator apps like Google Translator Toolkit.

This is the email if you know someone that could yous welsh translation.

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Apr 26 2013 00:55

Can't really help you in any way. Just wanted to say I think this is a really great idea and best of luck in getting it off the ground!

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Apr 26 2013 15:38

As a fellow translator, I wish you good luck! The anarchist movement is in dire need of resources like dedicated groups of translators. It would be interesting if we ever had something like a combination of the Anarchist Black Cross and Translators Without Borders.

Do you have any experience with other software like opensource OmegaT (and there's also commerical software like Deja Vu X2, memoQ or Trados available)

In my experience, etherpads are good for collaborative proof-reading meetings as well.