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Jul 12 2007 19:17

Did anyone see Zizek talk at Marxism? It completely changed my view on him. Apart from a weird 20 minute ramble about the necessity for an alliance between slum-dwellers and revolutinaries - a somewhat contrived piss-take that didn't work (?) - I really enjoyed his talk and actually found myself agreeing with a lot of what he had to say. Towards the end Chris Harman got up and castigated him for not giving the labour theory of value sufficient centrality in his analytic approach. It was so perfect you could have sworn Zizek scripted it himself. grin

What are people's thoughts on him? Anything by him people particularly liked or hated? From what people have said to me, the sheer volume of what he's turned out in a relatively short period of time and the things I've read abotu him I'm guessing he is (at best) a very hit-or-miss theorist.