Workplaces Struggles and Ecology

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Jun 3 2007 20:14
Workplaces Struggles and Ecology

Europe’s Green Alternative, a book penned by various people on the left of European Green Parties in the early 90s, talks about workplace struggles developing ecological aspects, by which they mean becoming focused on what is being produced, and why, and challenging that.
I reckon the ‘eco-socialist’ wing of the German Green Party in the 80s was into this, but is hard to tell as I cannot understand German and I don’t think much, any?, of their stuff was translated, apart from their contributions to Europe’s Green Alternative.

Apart from Oceania’s Green Bans in the construction industry, see: and as well as the alternative development plan for Lucas Aerospace, see:

And also in Australia in regard to dockers and uranium shipments in the late 70s, is there any more history of this?

Perhaps on the continent?

I think there was proposed union blacking of work on the proposed nuclear industry in Ireland also.