"Workers again work" Reviews?

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Oct 26 2006 03:49
"Workers again work" Reviews?

Friends recommended this to me, and it's fascinating. One of the main points it examines is how workers resisted work and productivity on a mass scale in spain during the revolution, and all the revolutionaries in the spanish civil war (including the CNT, FAI, and Friends of Durruti) used and promoted coercion of workers to work, that is reimposed capital relations in the collectivised factories (for example reimposing piece rates, and other schemes to coerce greater levels of productivity). The book has extensive citations from the anarchist press and meeting minutes which are pretty disturbing some calling for forced labor even. The communists were obviously more zealous in it, but the whole dynamic is pretty disturbing.

I'm still into the middle of it, and feel like it could be read any number of ways. Anyone have developed thoughts about it?