Resources on Dual Power Theory

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Wobbly Preacher
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Dec 19 2006 14:50
Resources on Dual Power Theory

I'm trying to assemble a bibliography on Dual Power theory.
I know of Lenin's text:
There's also something on wikipedia:
And this work in progress on Znet:

What else are people aware of? Any books people would recommend?

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Joseph Kay
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Dec 19 2006 14:57

i think Bookchin's libertarian municipalism pushed a dual power strategy, though i can't remember what of his i read to that effect neutral

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Dec 20 2006 21:01

Here's some resources that I used to understand the concept of Dual power.

NEFAC has a great article on it here:

the FdCA has a discussion on Organizational Dualism here, which is kind of like a precursor of sorts to dual power here:

I hope that you find these helpful.

I think Bookchin discusses dual power in Post Scarcity Anarchism, but I'm not completely sure. Going on memory here.

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Dec 21 2006 16:08

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