Marxism and equality

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Oct 26 2004 20:42
Marxism and equality

Has anybody got anything to say on this theme?

It could be Marx(ists) themselves, or the anarchist critique of...

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Oct 28 2004 17:10

Rocker talks about examples of history prior to bolshevism where there is equality, but under a harsh dictatorship - sound familar...

its in anarcho-syndicalism somewhere...but either way it shows without freedom, equality doesnt make socialism. circle A

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Oct 29 2004 09:58

There isn't equality under bolshevism, there is a set differential wage structure.

But what that has to do with marxism i don't know, because lenin wasn't structly a marxist, he abandoned large chunks of marxist theory.

And for me equality=bread=freedom, so yeah i think equality is what makes socialism.

But thats because i don't agree with rocker on this point, i think marx is correct and that materialism is sufficient and that people in a society are driven simply by material interests.

Ideology or pursuit of power or humanism are simply means to an end, they are not the end in itself.