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Mar 19 2006 19:51

When forming your current opinions, which books on political theory (if any) did you read? Which did you find to be helpful?

While I realise that there's a list of interesting literature in the stickied thread, I'm after personal opinions of books and essays, especially to someone who is no expert on the subjects of anarchism and socialism.

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Mar 19 2006 20:12

OK- my top three from all those years ago:

1. News From Nowhere by William Morris

2. Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin

3. The Communist Maifesto by Marx and Engels

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Mar 19 2006 20:40

Well, depending on varying circumstances, I often find myself drawn back to certain titles for reference.

Some of the most common are:

Anarchy by Malatesta

State and Revolution by Lenin

What is to be Done by Lenin

ABC of Anarchism by Berkman

Communist Manifesto (again) by Marx

The Paris Commune by Bakunin

Bolshevism in the Dock by Voline

If you're just starting, I think Berkman's is as good an intro. as any.

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Mar 19 2006 22:13

I'm not too hot on political theory, I prefer history and analysis of current events myself, but of the very small amount of theory that I've read, I'd say that Anarchy and The Anarchist Revolution by Malatesta, Anarchism: Arguements for and against and Anarchy in action By Colin Ward were the most influential on my political views.

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Mar 21 2006 19:07
1. News From Nowhere by William Morris

Never did finish that book, far too much waxing lyrical about his utopian surroundings, never found out if he woke up or not eek

The first two books that shifted my attention to the left of politics were:

-Reasons to Be Cheerful-Mark Steel


These books pretty much made me join the SWP!!!!! not an accolade either of them deserve!

But if you want some decent political theory you cant go wrong with:

-Reading Capital Politically-Harry Cleaver

-Society of the Spectacle-Guy Debord

Though some might argue that the latter simply applies Marx's notion of commodity fetishism to the cultural sphere wink

Any Chomsky is good too.