Libertarian speakers at ESF

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Oct 17 2004 17:07
Libertarian speakers at ESF

Did any UK libertarians go to the official ESF? There were certainly quite a number from the rest of Europe.I went to an interesting session with John Holloway speaking and met some Germans who were heckling an SWPer

over their lack of action in Genoa.One of them proudly told me 2 editions of Holloway's book 'Change the World..' were sold out in Germany-looks like they're keen on their theory over there!Also at the Michael Hardt workshop there was a really good discussion-many useful questions from the floor with none of the point scoring you so often get at meetings and on the net.Also it was interesting to hear him reply to a question about marxism and anarchism by saying how he thinks too much is made about the divisions between them(including the debates of Marx vrs Bakunin).