"The left's sinister challenge to science"

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Jun 1 2007 10:54
"The left's sinister challenge to science"

Well so says the link on the Guardian science page today. A link to an article by James randerson that's actually call Dawkins' christmas card list.

It's from the recent Hay festival, described as the "woodstock of the mind" - jesus christ.
Anyway, points raised were about cultural relativist bollocks, religion, anti-vivisectionists being anti-rational.

But this sort of shite is setting up a false opposition:
the left vs science

I know some of this shit was covered in the "radicals and science fetish" thread but this is starting from the opposite end - that thread started by saying the left has a hard-on for science, but this one's linked to an article saying the left's anti-science - can't really be both now can it?.

Within science itself there have always been critical voices, within biology and brain science - there's critics of sociobiology, racial studies, IQ measurement etc People like Lewontin and Levin quit the National Acedmy of Science in the states because of the academies role in advising the US military. These were scientists, from the left, not anti-science, but critical of its application and direction.

This isn't very clear, just raising some talking points really for anyone who feels like a rant.