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Mike Harman
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Dec 18 2004 01:26
History - Enrager Reading List

Following on from the Reading List thread, this is for discussion of books to be included in the history section.

As before, I suggest the following sections, each with a handful of "major works", one or two "beginners guides" then lots of further reading/misc to be decided after stuff's been suggested.

Should include:

History from a working class/anarchist/socialist perspective

History of Anarchist Movements

Alternative accounts of the same events from other perspectives in "further reading".

Divided into countries/continents/international

If you list a book, please make it clear exactly what it covers, roughly how long it is, why it should be included, links to free versions on the web, ISBN etc.

To start, I'll suggest



Russia (1921)

Ida Mett's History of the Kronstadt Rebellion

Available for free at



Paperback ISBN: 0-919618-13-8

Hardcover ISBN: 0-919618-19-7

Publisher: Black Rose

Short pamphlet with cumulative introductions, covers the complete uprising with good reference to primary sources. Out of print but free on-line. Written from an anarchist/sympathetic perspective, explicitly anarchist introduction.

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Dec 18 2004 09:11

History of Anarchist Movements

British Syndicalism, 1900-14: Myths and Realities

Author: Bob Holton 232 pages

ISBN: 0904383229 / Paperback

ISBN: 0904383172 / Hardcover

Publisher: Pluto P / 1976-11

The Slow Burning Fuse

Author: John Quail 350 pages

ISBN: 0586082255 / Paperback

Publisher: Flamingo / 1978-08-10


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Dec 18 2004 11:54

History of Anarchist Movements:

The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years 1868-1936

by Murray Bookchin

AK Press

ISBN: 873176 04 x.

It's not available online as far as I know although there's quite a few reviews of it.

Review here: http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/spain/review_bookchin.html

A Study of the Revolution in Spain, 1936-1937

by Stuart Christie

Meltzer Press 1998

Full text online here: http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/spain/scRevSpain/intro.html

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Dec 18 2004 14:10

Rather than list a bibliography of interesting textsts, book-by-book, why not seek out already existing Bibliographies on interesting topics? There are plenty around, including lists of Journal Articles, Films etc.

Do a quikc Google search for an anarchist bibliography? Or get in touch with some of the top academics on the subjects in question: they'll know their stuff inside out, despite their snooty aloofness.

Good luck anyway.

Mike Harman
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Dec 19 2004 12:52

There's this:


and this:


But they don't help beginners looking for recommendations, don't give sources for the books, and you just end up scrolling down lists and lists of names and titles (or I do anyway).

Same as you can direct people to Spunk.org, but again, I think http://www.spunk.org/cat-us/toplevel.html doesn't help people much if they're looking for recs or just getting interested. All the major works are under "writers", even if they correspond to their other categories. Plus they only refer to stuff on Spunk - if we're linking and recommending books, we can refer to publishers, distributors, on-line sources. I don't think the job's been done yet.

Doing it book by book, although it might be mind-numbingly slow, at least allows for each book to be dealt with properly.

Point taken though, and sites like this: http://www.ukrania.com/pages/Arts_and_Humanities/History/

could be worth listing as well.

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Dec 19 2004 13:23

At the end of each unit of the SelfEd History course there is a reading list.


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Jacques Roux
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Dec 21 2004 20:08

Nice one setting off on this project... would be great if people see it through enough for us to put it online smile