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Felix Frost
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May 13 2008 03:54
BulimicMind wrote:
Why would they remove a part of a public forum someone else posted?

Well, since you seem to be the person who posted the link to anarchy . net on their forum, perhaps you ought to make a follow up post about it there.

And the Troy Southgate review - which apparently was written by a fellow "third position" fascist - was posted by madhatter himself, the guy who runs the whole site.

Sean Siberio
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May 13 2008 07:19
Capitalism cannot, will not, ever create a one world government unless it manages to overcome its imperialist contradictions. There is no evidence whatsoever that capitalism is capable of doing this and, if anything, these tensions are almost certain to increase even further in the coming period.

I disagree with this bit, because I CAN see capitalism, in a rally around the flag way, papering over differences in an attempt to solidify government control over the world and keeping the rabble at bay. I wouldn't say it would be an end of imperialism, just the end of intra-bourgeoisie fighting using national army's as bludgeons, and rather turning the full force of governments (or in this case, THE government) against the whole of the working class.

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May 13 2008 09:32

Yeah... Imperialism has NOTHING to do with forming a one-world government...