'Acting white', and being a capitalist

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Catch 22
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Apr 6 2006 18:20

Was gonna say more but I'm loopy from nyquil (sinus infection) and I'm afraid I'll start talking gibberish

I too agree with redtwister, this is a limited analysis but it's an analysis that should be looked at. The class nature of the "racial problem" in America and hierarchy of cultural values created by it is something that needs to be looked at.

Also there definitely is a black managerial subculture within the dominant "white" business culture. It was and still is the portion of the black community that always moderated the class anger of its poorer counterparts. They were the people who run the NAACP, Morehouse College, Howard University etc. There's been a bourgeois subset of the African American community for quite awhile.

Howard Zinn’s book on the SNCC (he was an event coordinator iirc) had some good sections about the conservative Black upper class. How it fought against the actions of the more radical SNCC and always tried to mediate their fight against oppression into the moderating currents of the ballot box and the courthouse. He also wrote some stuff on the Harlem renaissance and how it also carried merits of the class antagonism within the black community.