A holiday in Iceland :P

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Dec 6 2004 21:15
A holiday in Iceland :P

Out of interest, is anyone here thinking of going up to Iceland following the call out for activists, after G8? Down where i am we're thinking about raising money to get us up there to try and help out with opposition against it. Hmm, any thoughts?

What i'm on about:



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Dec 6 2004 23:29

There's a ferry from Aberdeen.

What are we going to do there?

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Dec 7 2004 00:06

I'm thinking of going out there. Thinking's as far as I've got so far tho. Met the guy who'd come over from Iceland at the bookfair briefly - I seem to remember that the same company that's involved with the dam is also involved in West Papua.

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Dec 7 2004 00:47

I might do so. I can write a line in this topic when i am more certain.

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Dec 7 2004 07:10

Went to Iceland with Mrs Marsh last year, so loads of holiday tips if you want them.

Did not spot ANY radical political activity, although Iceland appears to have one nazi, who drives round with a nazi battle flag in his 4x4.

One issue with demonstrating there may be the cold - depending on the year it is not the sort of country where people stand around outside for more than a few minutes a time!