working wiser not harder or longer

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Jun 23 2017 20:17
working wiser not harder or longer

Working hard, long hours may be a positive attribute for some people, but certainly does not make a wholesome and healthy society. On average, the unemployment rate in Canada is roughly about 8% to 9% in the U.S 10% to 15% possibly even more. In Europe, in particularly, the countries that are high recession impacted an estimated 25% if not more. We really must ask ourselves, why is that? Corporate greed plays a big part, only enriching share holders. It is immoral and unjust when mega corporations make money by exploiting, coercing employees to work long hours under brutal and insidious conditions especially in Third World countries.
For countless years people have been working long hours just to put food on the table for their families to survive. During the 19th Century, people worked roughly about 18 to 20 hours per day or 126 to 140 per week. Ever since the 1920’s when unions became strong the 40-hour week was implemented. If bourgeois political parties and mega corporations continue to control the status quo conditions will remain the same. In a collective cooperative society, a shorter work week would create a healthier, happier outcome. People would be able to spend more quality time with family and friends and have time to raise and nurture children. A CNN documentary a while ago showed that in Holland women work 77% part-time and men 25% and the unemployment rate was only 5%. Obviously, something is being done right. France has a 35-hour work week. If this system can be applied here not only would it be humane and progressive, it would allow more people to join the workforce and significantly reduce the unemployment rate. In order for a society to function this way we all have to take a stand and fight for what is just and right.

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Jun 23 2017 22:12

Abolish work, tbh.