Will the revolution ever come?

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Nov 5 2011 16:08
Will the revolution ever come?

I am still sympathetic to the revolutionary cause however, i feel that the change is simply too far out of our reach for a number of reasons. First being that the state is so powerful and violent, it would also have the support of all the worlds superpowers causing huge bloodshed. Second being that the working class can't be united, it's one thing uniting for better conditions and it's another uniting for the overthrow of the system and the state. Maybe you can change my mind but it seems a waste of time agitating for a revolution that'll never happen.

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Nov 5 2011 16:14

No. tongue

But seriously we work towards revolution by fighting for better conditions now and thus growing confidence and power. So don't matter anyway.

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Nov 5 2011 17:01

It is pointless to be optimistic or pessimistic. It is better to struggle now. I don't get people who pretend that they somehow know revolution isn't just round the corner, just as I don't get those who claim to know that it is. It is always a possibility and history can go in some really unexpected directions. The point is to have a coherent critical praxis that can take us in the direction we want to go. Don't lose heart!

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Nov 5 2011 17:44

I don't fully endorse this, obv, but Adam Curtis is always worth a glance, and this is a recent blog on a similar question: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamcurtis/2011/10/dream_on.html - fascinating!

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Nov 5 2011 19:03

Kan noen av dere si om det eksisterer venstrekommunister i Norge?

Forøvrig flott med libcom.

Beste anarkist-kommunistiske hilsener

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Nov 5 2011 19:24

I know it's a derail and should be in the 'General' section, but little anarchist communist said:

Can any of you say about the existence of the left communists in Norway?

Otherwise, great with libcom.

Best anarchist-communist greetings

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Nov 5 2011 19:35

Revolution is bound to happen, aslong as the capitalist and the proletarian are at antagonistic contradiction in society, there will be struggle.

Revolution is not a thing that is built or a destination, revolution is a process that has been going on forever and will always be going on, because the old is always going to be struggling with the new for domination and the new is always going to win.

Under fuedalism people would never of thought they would see the conditions they see now and while the weight of the state may seem too great to budge, we have science and history on our side.

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Nov 5 2011 20:43

"To get over the wall we first have to get to the wall"
- Monsier Dupont

Revolutions are nothing new. They have happened time and time again, with varying degrees of success, and will continue to do so as long as class struggle exists.

Whether "the Revolution" will be the one to end all struggle remains to be seen.

The question whether it is "futile" to work towards that is in itself futile, for the alternative is yielding to the death machine that is capitalism.

You want something? Fight for it!