Wikipedia Libertarian(ism) entry

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Aug 3 2010 15:17
Wikipedia Libertarian(ism) entry

Ok so I don't know if this is the best place to put this thread but..

The Wikipedia entry for libertarian seems to have deleted and or absorbed into an entry almost entirely about US neo-liberalism. It previously had a rather balanced (I thought) entry with intros to most various strands of libertarian thinking. Its first sentence used to say about both neo-liberalism and anarchism and had a link to the anarchism wikipedia entry in it...

It seems that there is a concerted campaign by folks from Libertarian Party in US to delete all mentions of anarchism from the page...

Ok so in the big scheme of things this is pretty trivial but I think given if you google libertarian this wikipedia entry is the first listing it would be worth people trying to sort it.

I am not ofay with wikipedia or good at on-line stuff so I am unlikely to do much about it but if anyone else is interested have a look at the page...