"Robin Hood" Dual Power, or Somalia?

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Jacob Richter
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May 23 2012 06:05
"Robin Hood" Dual Power, or Somalia?

The stereotypical "dual power" situation pits the established government against prolific councils or other political organs of the working class. However, those cases where the latter organs are successful occurred because they provided social support.

Let's also consider Wilhelm's Liebknecht's slogan, "Not One Man, Not One Penny," such that the taxation system of the established government is mostly in tatters (like in Greece). Let's also assume that the worker organs have more institutional backbone. Would this be too much a Somalia case, with private gangs and paramilitary groups running amok? Or could this be a "Robin Hood" dual power scenario, whereby the institutional mass movement of the working class itself not only has Alternative Culture as the basis of its social support, not only has paramilitias and other armed groups, but through those groups "robs the rich to feed the poor" (fellow workers) as a substitute for the broken taxation system?