Questions for Deleuzians and those who read and understood Anti-Oedipus

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Feb 17 2014 18:20
Questions for Deleuzians and those who read and understood Anti-Oedipus

Hi. I'm having some issues reading D&G's Anti-Oedipus. Namely, there are a few things that I am unclear on and I hoping I can find some direction here.

(I understand that D&G take and build off of many others' ideas, and if anyone can give me how these terms were used by others if they were, that would be great, too)

Firstly, can someone explain to me how what D&G mean when they talk about "Surplus Value of Code", and how it works in primitive communities? I feel like I ALMOST get it, but I can't quite make a coherent, organized definition of it in my head. Similarly, if someone can explain to me what is meant by "Surplus Value of Flux", I'd be incredibly grateful.

Furthermore, from page 222 to 240, in a section entitled "The Civilized Capitalist Machine", they start getting into a critique of capitalism that brings up certain things I have a hard time understanding. First of all, there is the whole thing of "Surplus Value of Flux" which I hard time understanding (and the transformation of the "Surplus Value of Code" into the latter;) then there is this idea of the "dualism of money" (beginning on p228, "They would be better off concluding in favor of the very thing they are bent on hiding: that it is not the same money that goes into the pocket of the wage earner and is entered on the balance sheet of a commercial enterprise." and onward).

I would be greatly indebted to anyone who can help me out with any of these.

Additionally, although I can't really stop anyone from doing so, I didn't quite make this thread to discuss people's opinions of D&G's theory, or post-structuralism or whatever. There already are such discussions. Of course, if it ties in with an explanation of the meaning of terms I brought up, then go for it. Really, any discussion would be cool, but I need help!