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Nov 27 2014 00:04
The Precariat

I know these trendy nouvelle left terms are oft to annoy folks on here, but has anyone read Standing? To me the far-right manipulation seems more likely to exploit the middle class tbh, but a lot of radicals here sort of 'dress' in the inverted style of various reactionary-isms...

People jump through all of these hoops in trying to figure out how to be poor, how to be eligible for employment, how to remain 'radical', how not to be targeted by the police, how not to contribute to rent hikes, how not to foster inter-class divisions etc...

(I haven't really read into 'deliberative democracy' and am not suggesting that he is 'left-wing' - its just that after finding out that what I do for a living is actually listed on the Wikipedia page for "dead end jobs" this seemed sorta relevant...)