'Marx and Feminism; by Selma James: anyone got an online copy?

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Nov 7 2011 09:26
'Marx and Feminism; by Selma James: anyone got an online copy?

Anyone have this as a PDF or HTML? I've found where I can buy it as a zine, but if anyone wants to save me some coin then please PM me. Cheers!

Marx and Feminism
Selma James

Another reading of Marx's Capital from the point of view of women's unwaged work. By the co-author of The Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community.

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Nov 7 2011 09:45

I think, there is a German translation somewhere floating around

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Nov 7 2011 11:54

I would love a copy of this too. I saw James speak the other day. She was great.

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Feb 1 2012 10:31

Hi the price of Marx and Feminism is £2.99 from the website link above in your post. The money we raise from selling publications is how we repay our work in putting it out in the first place and raise the money to print more. Also thought you'd like to know that Selma James' Anthology will be out in the next few months and there will be a launch. Please see www.globalwomenstrike.net for more info.