Labor vouchers/notes

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Libertarian Ths
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Mar 14 2018 00:46
Labor vouchers/notes

How are labor vouchers supposed to be given out?
Will they be printed out by a machine when a worker clicks out for the day?
Or on a card like a gift card?
Or will a worker’s boss hand the vouchers to the workers,
or what?

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Mar 14 2018 01:13

Labor vouchers wouldn't be a feature of a fully developed communist/socialist society (if that's what you're talking about), where people have their needs satisfied regardless of how much they can contribute. As far as I've read, the labor vouchers Marx wrote about were a temporary measure for conditions back then, and not a feature of a fully developed communist society, which shouldn't be necessary nowadays. I don't think there'd be any bosses or "workers" under communism either.

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Mar 14 2018 02:44

For a quick summary of the debate

Mike Harman
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Mar 14 2018 12:46

The closest to current arguments for labour vouchers is probably parecon. Ten years ago now we did this exchange with them:

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Mar 14 2018 13:42

And for a longer theoretical discussion of all this check out David Adam's library text on this site on 'Marx's critique of Socialist labour-money schemes....' and more especially the useful follow-up discussion that it prompted. Maybe 'printing' in the age of computers and the internet etc wouldn't be necessary but then maybe the whole idea is out of date anyway!