Intransigence journal - a new, ultra-left publication

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Nov 10 2018 19:16
Intransigence journal - a new, ultra-left publication

List of texts by Intransigence journal.

Issue 1.
Editorial 1 — October 2017
Impossibility of capitalist development - Grandizo Munis, 1972
The dead end of racial identity politics - Emanuel Santos
The electoral trap - Aydin Jang
Left nationalism: A history of the disease - Kontraklasa
Capital’s health dilemma - redhughs

Issue 2.
Editorial 2 - July 2018
Sugarcane Stalinism - Emanuel Santos
Rosa Luxemburg against feminism - Nuevo Curso
Garment workers: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow - LK
Fascism? Democracy? Communism - Ottorino Perrone (aka Vercesi), 1934
Housing crisis in the US - Internationalist Workers' Group
Notes on the transition to communism - Kontraklasa
Zionism and Marxism - Walt Auerbach

Issue 3.
Editorial - November 2018
Constructive “criticism” - Philip Gioan
Social justice: Noble, but doomed to fail - N-Ch-
Against eclecticism - Oblivion Oblomov
Proletariat, xenophobia, lumpenization - Nuevo Curso
The Black Panther Party and glorification of the lumpenproletariat - Workers' Offensive
Splendors and miseries of producerism - Anton Jager
Breaking from Stalinism - Inessa Krupskaya
Introduction to Willy Huhn - Rida Vaquas
The ideas of 1914 - Willy Huhn, 1953
Introduction to Fabio Damen - Jock
Fraction and Party - Fabio Damen, 1979
Socialisms as capitalisms - Sonja Kripokavic
Conquer the unions, or destroy them? - L'Ouvrier Communiste, 1929
A social history of the internet - Humanaesfera
The “good cops” of capital - Laser637
Ocasio-Cortez and American “socialism” - Nuevo Curso
Reply to Kontra Klasa on the transition - Humanaesfera
To the North American communist left - Klasbatalo

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Nov 10 2018 20:38

A very powerful journal to say the least. Their polemic against "le SJWs" is probably among the worst, at a base level it doesn't even look at any specific group or people, on a higher level it is just right-wing talking points("tumblr") and intellectual posing(long explanation about how the brain works for some reason). The essay on eclecticism is purely intellectual posing through just spamming big quotes to discredit marxist-feminism or whatever.

In general I do not understand the "left-communist" and it's regroupings preoccupation with just attacking feminism while rarely actually engaging with any feminist theory or organisations(and if they do they refer to movements from the start of the 20th century to call feminism class collaboration now).

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Apr 14 2019 17:36

An interesting Issue No4 now up on their site. Some of the articles would justify a separate listing on this site to encourage more discussion amongst a wider readership.

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Apr 14 2019 19:00

I was almost a bit disappointed by their essay on workplace struggle. It is one of the only essays they have put out that deals with actual practice but it is so severely limited, very untypical of ultra-leftists. There doesn't really seem to be any real conclusion on how to turn workplace struggle into a communist struggle, beyond reformist demands.

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Apr 16 2019 00:04
The anarchist rejection of “politics”, not only of electoral participation during ascendant capitalism, but of politics in general, reduces anarchism to a merely “expressive”, aesthetic movement, turning its militants in the best of cases into true “liberals with bombs” incapable of contributing anything to the proletariat’s struggle for emancipation from capitalism.

From the article "The birth of socialism in the United States" the article is very poor, it omits quite a lot, it doesn't bother to mention the American section of the IWMA at all, despite wanting to paint a continuity between Marx and Engels, nor the Owenite Labour Colonies, and at one point it claims Lucy Parsons was against organisation because she once gave a speech urging violent action. A woman who had spent many years of her life in multiple organisations.

I suspect the only reason this article was written and the way it was written was to make a case for selling Deleon's Impossibilism to the Ultra crowd.

Not very useful

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Apr 16 2019 15:25

It also seems to omit that Engels was opposed to the existence of the SLP on the ground that it was a sect with no base on the working-class, and instead prompted them to join the Knights of Labor.

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Aug 9 2019 16:37

Does anyone have any further info on the split? Like most of the groups left the regroupment.