Eurocommunism / National Communsim and patriotoism - a fine thing!

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Jun 27 2014 08:27
Stalinski wrote:
Reddebrek wrote:
Nope, you see unlike you I'm an actual Communist so I don't support any war but the class war. I'm just pointing out how little you know about the words you use.

How are you going to stop the Red Bourgeoisie from taking over your factories then?

That would, in fact, be part of the class war.

Remember what we said about shooting Stalinists?

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Oct 2 2014 15:52

Bump cos it makes this thread hilarious.

At this difficult time Social-Democracy had a high mission – to resist nationalism and to protect the masses from the general "epidemic." For Social-Democracy, and Social-Democracy alone, could do this, by countering nationalism with the tried weapon of internationalism, with the unity and indivisibility of the class struggle. And the more powerfully the wave of nationalism advanced, the louder had to be the call of Social-Democracy for fraternity and unity among the proletarians of all the nationalities of Russia. And in this connection particular firmness was demanded of the Social-Democrats of the border regions, who came into direct contact with the nationalist movement.