Diplomas and ''Functional Skills'' : A move backwards to a two tier education system?

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Mar 23 2008 13:37
Diplomas and ''Functional Skills'' : A move backwards to a two tier education system?


I don't know if anyones been taking note of certain forthcoming changes in education, but it might be worthwhile paying attention to the new diploma exams which are due to be implemented fully by 2014.
In effect these actually are ''apprenticeships at 14'' with al the shit that goes with them. Taking kids out of other lessons to do large amounts of unpaid ''work experience'', having lots of kids travel around from school to school because there will be no way that every school will be able to get the sepecialists to teach all of these diplomas and having a secondary education system geared towards work based qualifications .

Now equate to 4 GCSE's at A-C, so you;'d assume that if you get this qualification and one other GCSE you have enough to get into any sixth form college. Now personally i feel that there shoudl at least be some reason to study academic studies in order to give everyone access to a broad education, what this does is narrow it down so students have no reason whatsoever to study any academic subjects.
In fairness i do think GNVQ's are poorly funded and time and money needs to be put into both GNVQ's and NVQ's to make them work better as qualifications, but these probems are not likely to be answered by the diploma system which to me looks more like a step back towards the divisiveness of the old CSE's than a step forwards towards better and more readily available work based qualifications.

Any thoughts or opinion on this? If someone wants i'll do a news article on the subject i just had to do an essay on it for my college course so i can put something together pretty sharpish.