Anarcho-Syndicalism for Dummies

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Jul 13 2010 22:49
Anarcho-Syndicalism for Dummies

Although I have a basic understanding of anarcho-syndicalism, there is a few questions I have. I'm a relative noob so please explain it easily.

1. What are some good philosophers and books on anarcho-syndicalism?

2. How would the economy work in such a society?

3. How would crime be handled?

4. How would warfare and international problems, communication and trade be handled?

That's all for now, and I appreciate any and all answers.


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Jul 13 2010 23:38

Greetings 31okiL, I posit some simple answers for you.

1. Recent thread I started might help. Rockers work is a good starting point.

2. Federated workplaces would respectively organise collectively to ensure distribution and production. For a more detailed look, try the library. Here, here, there is plenty of stuff on the Spanish collectives and also the Anarchist FAQ. There is also a good film called 'Vivir La Utopia' which details some of the communist aspect of the collectives and is well worth watching for the nuanced position of the CNT at the time.

3. While socialised property relations wouldn't equate that there would be a complete reduction in crime, it would take away an edge which is prevalent in todays society. Crimes should respectively by judged in accordance with workers councils/peers, which would be a functioning part of an anarchist-communist society.

4. Workplaces, community groups, associations of all kinds would federate into a large structure which would convene to ensure the smooth running of things. As long as the levers for this society are directly rooted in peoples everyday experience and practice its hoped that the worse excesses of capitalism can be mooted if not rooted out entirely.