What happened to the SAG?

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Jul 19 2007 17:02
What happened to the SAG?

WHat has happened to the Surrey Anarchist Group? I live in Reigate and was very interested in joining after I saw posters advertising the group in town but the website appears to be down and this forum appears to be dead.

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Jul 19 2007 18:15

We're a bit thin on the ground at the moment, but some of us still meet, mainly in Guildford. PM me your email address and we can meet up.

David UK
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Feb 18 2008 13:46

Ned, theres a guy in the AF in guildford uni who wants to be involved in SAG. You, him and speeross can easily form a new group, and start recruiting more. As I live in Berkshire I'd be happy to come down and help if you need it, Im sure others in Readign Grassroots Action would be happy to help also.

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Jun 27 2010 19:50

There's the beginnings of an Anarchist Federation group in area:

We've met a few times in Guildford and intend to make contact with other anarcho-communists for ideas and action. The Farnborough Air Show 2010 comes to mind.

contact: surreyhants 'at' afed.org.uk


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Mar 2 2011 22:06

A Surrey/Hants Afed thread on Libcom...