Cornish Anarchists / Cornish Autonomists?

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Oct 6 2011 10:25
Peter wrote:
Arbeiten wrote:
Nice one on picking up on that Serge, only three years too late mind wink. And extra kudos to Devrim. I wish European languages were phonetic. Then I would have learnt one. French was my bug bear when I was younger*, oui is about as far away from phonetic as you can get (the same for a plethora of french words and names etc,...Gilles.....GILLES! for instance).

Serbo-Croatian is phonetic. I'm pretty sure all the other Slavic languages are too and Italian as well.

Serbian was standardised in the early 1800s by a guy called Vuk Karadzic. It was easy for him to make changes because in those days pretty much the only literate Serbs were priests and monks and they used Old Church Slavonic.

as far as I know, linguists often refer to the Finnish language as an example for an (nearly) exact match between language and writing system