Bristol Dissent group - Opposing the G8 in 2005. Any ideas?

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Nov 18 2004 16:53
Bristol Dissent group - Opposing the G8 in 2005. Any ideas?

A Bristol Dissent group has been up and running since late August, and will have it's fourth monthly meet on 30 November, 7.30pm, at Kebele, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol, BS5 (tel 0117 939 9469).

The stated aims of the group are to provide local info on, and resistance to, the G8; to highlight the alternatives (to capitalism); to take part in nationa/local action, and so on. It has alligned itself with the national Dissent network and the PGA hallmarks (see

So far it's produced an 'Intro to the G8' factsheet; 3 agitational flyers; held a number of stalls around town; held one social event; and generally tried to get the word out. It's made good contacts with groups like the local Columbia Solidarity campaign, and has attracted some welcome new faces (some of whom are doing a buy nothing day action this Saturday in Bristol). So far the trots & soft left have stayed away, they seem to be concentrating on setting up a local Bristol Social Forum, with a rigid constitution, which no doubt they hope to control, and use as a recruiting vehicle/footsoldiers for the Respect Party in the coming general election. Most people I've spoke to have the attitude that we should ignore them and get on with our own activities, on a clearly anti-capitalist, anti-state basis.

So what does the Dissent group do next? Well there'll be more street stalls/leafletting/publicity; a series on factsheets produced critiqueing the G8 & it's position on climate change, sustainability & Africa/debt; more socials/gigs; more posts on Indymedia; and maybe a dayschool in the new year. All fairly standard stuff building to local actions and eventually a visit to Scotland.

To me tho, the G8 in 2005, plus an election, plus the wars in the middle East, should be an opportunity to get our ideas out to more people, not least because it's clear people are increasingly disenchanted with the current state of things (and in many cases moving to the right). Will the above activities achieve this? Have you got any better ideas? Let us know if you do!!!

In the meantime, to get involved with Bristol Dissent email or join the mailing/discussion list at

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