Are these the only libertarian groups in the South West?!?!

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Jacques Roux
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May 26 2004 20:33
Are these the only libertarian groups in the South West?!?!

Could someone bring me back to my senses by telling me these ARENT the only libertarian groups in the whole of the SW...

«% SolWest/Solidarity Bristol

Part of the Solidarity Federation. Do advice sessions for workers who want information about their rights or who want to organise at work and more.

Mail: Box 43, 82 Colston St, Bristol BS1 5BB


«% Plymouth Class War

Newly started CW group for Plymouth.



«% Bristol Anarchist Action

Group in Bristol affiliated to the Anarchist Youth Network. If you're young and angry, get in touch!



Please say theres more... and if there are can you email the info to admin // at // enrager // dot // net please smile

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May 26 2004 22:23

Hi rkn - perhaps you can tell us if BAA is still going? What about the summer AYN conference they were organising?

There is a pretty good contacts list at the back of issue 16 of Bristle mag (should be in Freedom via Active Distro by now). However, apart from Kebele (social centre), Bristle (publishing collective), BAN (fledgling @ group), none of thos listed are specifically libertarian in definition, although libertarians are involved in many. Note we aren't certain the Stroud anarchos are still going.

Best wishes.

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May 27 2004 21:10

Of the two I know, one is now a physchiatric nurse and the other had his window smashed recently (probably McDonalds loving goblin kids).

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Aug 17 2004 19:36

the libertarian family network are based in devon. they arent online, but i can get contact details if youre interested.

theres also plenty of feminists scattered down here.

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Aug 23 2004 12:38

I'm not sure what you're definition of libertarian is. It's seems to be used as a pseodonym for anarchism, or more broadly anti-authoriatarianism, but what does that mean?

For example, Bristol STW functions in a broadly anti-authoritarian way (bar the emergence of an informal hierarchy which is being dealt with, and which anarchist groups routinely have to deal with too), while London (National) STW is very authoritarian in how it functions.

Because of the impression generated by London STW, I haven't asked to have Bristol STW publicised up front, but should it be? or is it better to avoid that hot potato?

As MH says, though, there's a pretty good contacts list at the Back of Bristle, so maybe just cutting and pasting the lot into the front page of South West Enrager would be a good idea...

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Oct 12 2004 21:15

have a regular meet up in brizzol

black bloc

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Oct 13 2004 07:56

Please note Plymouth Class War came and went, so should be taken off the list.

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Oct 27 2004 23:36

In a land of farmers, small time crooks and yuppie immigrants, it's hardly surprising no-one gives a shit about the wider world. As a Devon-raised lad, I'd rather try and demolish canary wharf with a penknife than set up an anarchist group back home.

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Nov 20 2004 00:39

I'm not surprised the Plymouth branch of Class War lasted for such a short time. I had a spat regarding the BNP on West Country Indymedia with Franklin, in which he promised that Plymouth Class War were up and running and active, only for them to disappear off the radar almost immediately.

The problem down here is simple. Local initiatives, with the notable exception of the Nuclear Free Coalition and Plymouth Trident Ploughshares (for which I am police liaison officer, NOT A COPPER!) are often dominated by the SWP. Its hard enough to get even Swappies accepted in Plymouth, let alone anarchists. Those ideas that are dominated by the SWP are usually recognised as such by many and avoided, and trying to convince people that 'Oh no. We aren't the SWP' and having them actually believe you is next to impossible. Most of the local punks and crusties and anarchos are too busy working to spend more than a little time on other stuff, and starting something credible without the local Swappies taking the wrong sort of interest is difficult to say the least.

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Nov 23 2004 18:29

poor baa we were so rubbish