swindon anarchists

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Feb 14 2008 15:35
swindon anarchists

please let me know your around,i feel alone i need to know that some of you are close to home.i have a lot to discuss.

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Jun 19 2008 12:20

hey there!

i'm north wilts, maybe a half hour from you.
what's your focus?

At the mo I think about restructuring our local economy.

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May 17 2012 22:35

I live in Swindon and would be interested in establishing contact with anarchists locally.

in the struggle

T La Palli
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May 18 2012 08:47

Some anarchists must be active in Swindon. Afed has a member there. And the front page of resistance carried an article about a dispute at the hospital. Ex swindonian anarchist. Would be great to have a Swindon group. I think support has come from Bristol bath and surrounding area. Is there an informal network covering the west if England?

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May 21 2012 12:29

Yes, there is a fairly active Swindon group. Only been around ayear or so, but taken part in and organised quite a few local and regional actions. W'eve mainly been doing anti-cuts/strike solidarity stuff lately, but are up for anti-facism, feminism, etc etc.
To get involved, or for any questions, drop us an email at swindonanarchists@riseup.net.