Bristol Bookfair - open to all in south west & south Wales, plus stall & workshop info

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Aug 11 2008 16:54
Bristol Bookfair - open to all in south west & south Wales, plus stall & workshop info

With over a month to go until Bristol’s Anarchist Bookfair, we are already fully booked up with stalls & workshops. You can see a full list of stalls and workshops here:

As the current crisis of capital deepens and yet another war (Georgia/Russia) breaks out over land and energy resources, we need more than ever a serious alternative to the chaos of the present world order and the suffering it inflicts upon us. And we need to take the time to properly sit down & chat about it – as equals.

Bristol’s Bookfair is targeted at those living in the south west and south Wales.
All are welcome at the Bookfair, be you a confirmed anarchist, just intrigued, or on the look out for a solution to the mess the world is in. The Bookfair will showcase the breadth & depth of anarchist ideas, beliefs, resources, stratagies and tactics. We have stalls from 26 groups, campaigns, networks and distros – alongside many local groups we have 3 of the national anarchist organisations, 3 of the main anarchist distros, and some inspiring campaign groups from outside the south west such as the London Coalition Against Poverty and the Smash EDO campaign. That’s a hell of a lot of free info, books, pamphlets, merchandise and much more.

We also have 22 workshops throughout the day. As well as discussing anarchist ideas and practice, workshops will also cover the economy, psychology, environment, arms trade, media and feminism. We hope to have a live webcast with George Caffentzis, the US activist & writer; and the Trapese Collective will discuss their recent pamphlet on Transition Towns. Outside we have skillsharing fun & games, an empowering bike workshop, a regeneration tour, and even a little acoustic music. If that whets your appetite then check out the all day vegan café.

Finally, to round off the day, we hope to have two separate socials/fundraisers in the evening, details will follow, as will a full programme giving workshop times.

The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is on Saturday 13 September, from 10am to 5pm, at St Werburghs Centre, Horley Rd, Bristol BS2 9TJ, and its free. See our website for more info, posters and a map. If you would like some flyers/posters to publicise the event please contact us.