Pipeline Protest Update From Trebanos/Pontadawe

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Jan 16 2007 18:23
Pipeline Protest Update From Trebanos/Pontadawe

This is the press release from todays action against construction of the LNG pipeline through south wales. For more info visit the protest site in Trebanos, call the site on 07733190958 for directions for more info on the campaign.


At 9am this morning a construction site in Alltwen was stormed by activists, climbing cranes and locking-on with d-locks by their necks. Work was stopped on the controversial LNG pipeline for five and a half hours, adding to the list of recent delays.
The protesters this morning were met with aggression, one had her camera snatched and damaged, whilst others were threatened with violence. After one activist climbed a crane, locked on by his neck, the operator of the crane then decided to move the crane about, seriously endangering the activist’s life. Alan Thayne, health and safety executive for the project has been informed of this incident.
Also construction workers initially kept on using heavy machinery on the site despite being advised not to due to health and safety reasons.
This action is just a small part of a huge campaign to FIGHT THE PIPE! It is the eighth day that work has been stopped at the Trebanos camp across the valley. Support continues to grow for the campaign with more numbers getting involved daily. A Safehaven spokesperson said “We are amazed at the positive response from different campaign groups and individuals throughout the UK and beyond.”