>>RESIST G8 - South-East Assembly

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>>RESIST G8 - South-East Assembly

>>RESIST G8 - South-East Assembly

This is a callout for groups and individuals in the South-East,

interested in actively resisting the UK presidency of the G8, and

the summit of G8 leaders this year at Gleneagles in Scotland.

We hope that this initial meeting against the G8 summit forms a

diverse and dynamic network of groups and individuals who oppose

the G8.

We invite groups and individuals to shape and develop this


2pm - 6pm Saturday Jan 22nd, 2005


University of London Union

Malet Street




We hope that groups in the South-East who are already part of the

Dissent network or are groups committed to resisting the G8, will

contribute to the agenda for the 22 January. ULU anti-

authoritarians will be co-ordinating the agenda and would want it

finalised by 16 January. Email your ideas to:


So far it has been suggested that we start off with an initial

presentation of what the meeting is for, the DISSENT! Network and

follow with introductions from groups. Therefore if you are from a

group and want to attend then we want to hear what your activity

has been, what problems you face, what can we collectively do to

support you and your group (finances, publicity, skills,



People involved in Radical anti-authoritarian politics in London

and the south-east have had difficulty in connecting and organising

collectively over the past few years. We see this as an opportunity

to meet and do something all together, all radical groups and to

create a sense that we aren't just isolated individuals or small

groups of friends doing political work but part of a dynamic and

diverse movement against capitalism and hierarchy.

Therefore if people can make an extra effort to come down (as a

group) or send at least one person from your group that can

participate and be a contact point for this initiative and the

group. Also for people further outside London who want to come to

the meeting but need help with travel expenses then let us know and

we may be able to help you.


We have leaflets and posters which we wish every group to help

distribute. Please email: wombles@hushmail.com with an address to

send them. Also if you are part of and an email list then please

feel free to forward this text.


If you are intending to come as a group then please email us to let

us know your coming.

Thanks again and see you all on 22 January!




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People at the meet from: Corporate watch, Pagan Activists, DragonEnvironmental

Network, Class war, Rising Tide, LARC, Rhythms of Resistance, Disarm DSEi,

Wombles, i-D Magazine, No Sweat, ULUantiauthoritarians, Trident Ploughshares,

Thessaloniki solidarity, local anti-G8/dissent groups ? Reading, Brighton etc

and individuals.


The purpose of the SE assembly?

A networking group ? bringing SE groups together to coordinate, inspiring

people to create their own bases while having the support of the broader

collective, enabling individuals not already in groups to be involved.

How to organise for actions against smaller meetings in the lead-up to the July

G8 summit?

Background of G8

Symbolic pact for reaffirming capitalism ? media spectacle for ruling class.

G7 established in 1970s when the 7 largest economies came together to present a

common public face.

Promotion of free trade.

Attempts to hide this with spurious ?ethical? considerations, such as Tony Blair

promoting debt relief in Africa and a pro-environmental image.

Corporate-lead solutions.

Important decisions made in the G7 meetings in the run up to the G8 summit.

For us ? symbolic resistance of capitalism, feeding back into struggles,


Question ? how do we counter Tony Blair?s whitewash (trade/environmental etc

arguments) with specific information?

World Development website re debt relief

Rising Tide website re climate change

Corporate Watch ? producing a publication re the links between the G8 and

corporate-lead solutions.

Read lots! It will be argued that protestors don?t like debt relief etc. We

have to counter the myths.

Question ? difference between G7 and G8?

Russia important symbolically (it has lots of nukes), but not financially. EU

also has a permanent seat.

Comment ? we should take notes from the official G8 website of their propaganda

and dispute specific myths.

Comment ? what will be decided at the G8?

Working groups will be set up, but mostly they present things as G8 initiatives

when they are a mere continuation of existing structures.

Question - Practical plans for Gleneagles? (return to this later)

Question - Centralised counter-info? A working group? No ? individual groups.

See University of Toronto?s ?road to Gleneagles? website.


What have people been doing re G8 and generally so far?

ULUantiauthoritarians ? new student and wider group, support and educate

students, support general struggles in London e.g. actions against the olympic

bid, Thessaloniki, Tom Ridge at LSE.

Culture Jammers ? established mid-Jan, plans for mass billboard campaigns,

disinformation, direct action in corporate meetings, VJ-ing at events ?

educating with images and music.

Dissent climate action group and Rising Tide ? focus on pre-summit environmental

meetings: 17/18th March environmental ministers and 8th July day of action

against climate change.

Brighton Dissent ? publicity against finance ministers and IMF meeting in Sussex

countryside 5th November 2004, caused havoc.

Trident Ploughshares ? mass day of action 2 days before summit at Faslane

military base, anti-militarist and anti-nuclear. Transport to this may be

cheap way of getting to G8.

Working group against work (part of Dissent network) ? address everyday work

issues, precarity in terms of the G8. spectacular anti-summit actions have

been criticised ? look at the everyday. planned action against G7 employment

ministers meeting.

www.g8bikeride.org.uk - bike ride from London to G8 2 weeks before summit, visit

places en route to highlight sustainability issues, building publicity.

WOMBLES ? beyond esf, blockades in SE during summit, want to organise workshops

before summit.

Pagan Activists ? pagan anarchists keen to be involved with anti-G8

Queeruption ? networking with European autonomist queers and feminists to help

establish convergence space etc.

Reading dissent ? organise benefits/films to raise awareness

Corporate Watch ? organising pamphlet re corporate involvement with G8

Cambridge dissent ? part of climate action network

Rhythms of Resistance ? have discussed what to do re G8 but nothing conclusive

Question ? are communists/socialists welcome?

Yes! No!

Must subscribe to PGA hallmarks (see dissent website). Hierarchical groups

cannot latch on and use the network as a way to promote their groups.

Important issue is the structure and operation of dissent rather than whether

it is open to specific individuals or not. Must be non-hierarchical, open to

anyone willing to work within the framework.


Joint publicity?

We got sidetracked onto?.transport ? geography of area, plans of military? aim =

to stretch police force, so concentrate on Scotland, actions all around

Scotland, especially north of Gleneagles. Red zone around Gleneagles, people

in the area have been given ID cards.

Join with other groups? ? Make Poverty History and the G8 alternatives?

Should we set up working groups to look at transport etc?

Publicity ?

Website/posters/leaflets ? increase visibility of movement ? joint identity

Working groups would be useful

Stickers ? quick and really good way of getting the message out.

Separate SE website or too much overlap with dissent site?

Types of propaganda not mutually exclusive, make all.

Download propaganda from dissent site??.aim = to set up SE network, focus on

anti-G8 not just dissent.

Convey disinformation to the Scottish police ? disinform people in movement? ?

means we become part of the problem? ? ways of working it out so we confuse the

police but not protestors?.

Shouldn?t marginalise ourselves.

Point of SE coordination is to collectively produce propaganda in a way not

possible for local groups.

Don?t want to make more work for ourselves than we have to ? something simple

e.g. simple poster with picture, 3 or 4 sentences, contacts for all groups

involved, website address.

Reason to have SE website is because dissent site is confusing.

Working group should be set up to establish the collective propaganda aesthetic.

Structure of assembly etc?

- how will it work re people from different regions of the SE?

- how formal is the structure in terms of working groups reporting back/who are

they responsible to and how?

- how often should the assembly meet??once a month. Decisions made in working

groups. Join email list for announcements.

- No point meeting if nothing to coordinate

VOTE ? publicity working group established

London imperialism ? make sure it is a real SE group, not biased towards London.

If assembly meetings were more frequent, not really viable for groups out of

London to get there.

Accommodation in Scotland ? big job to organise, think about randoms turning up.

Groups in Scotland said they?d like people to go up before summit to help with

build up.

Accountability of working groups? ? through emails/smaller groups, don?t want to

delay autonomous actions. Don?t want to micromanage everything.

Do we need a media working group?

Should list the working groups that should be established. Possibilities ?

transport, publicity, accommodation (numbers, non UK people), legal, media,

logistics/liaising/convergence with Scotland.


Need to make collective decisions re mass transport before working group is set

up??.train may be safer than coaches/cars, people may feel more comfortable

travelling en masse, helps to get new people involved. Plug for G8 bike ride!

Train seems like a popular plan. Note that may be a problem being stopped at

end of train journey. T in the park 12 miles from Gleneagles on 9th/10th

July?loads of camper vans in the area?.

Transport working group? Yes! They should research prices etc and pros/cons of

travelling en masse and report back at next assembly meeting.

Medics working group? Not sure. Training, how many? Transport for them? Free

training at Barthes London medical school.

Need coordinators for working groups, people volunteered, need more than one for


Legal working group ? need legal observers, wider dissent legal groups in SE

anyway. Dissent producing a guide to scottish law.

Direct action working group? Seeds of Change training for trainers 18-20 March

in non-violent direct action.

Should we use corporate media at all and have a media working group? Dissent

policy on media ? no one can speak fro the whole group. No working group, but

maybe have a contact in case we feel the need to liaise with corporate media at

some point, up to individual groups.

Contact people we know in Scottish dissent re accommodation.


Timeline of events up to summit:

Feb 4/5 G7 finance ministers London

March 10/11 G8 employment London

March 15/16 energy and environment London

March 17/18 G8 environment and development Derbyshire

May 1st MAYDAY

June 10/11 G7 finance London

June 16/17 G8 justice and interior Sheffield

How do we mobilise?

People will feedback to their own groups re discussion at assembly.

Arrange fundraising events in small groups, then bring funds to next assembly


Contact convergence group in Scotland and bring a report to next assembly so

that we can proceed with a working group for that later.

Coordinate a general email list, separate from the working group lists.

Proposal for collective actions re events in run up to summit. e.g. employement

meeting ? actions at key job centres, focus on reforming the dole,

casualisation, wages ? party in a job centre? ? actions against ?action for

employment? who put people on the New Deal.

Need visible actions before summit. Agreed that we?ll target the individual

meetings in the run-up to the summit.

People who are already mobilising for specific actions to talk and set up

working groups e.g. rising tide focusing on environmental meetings.

Should do something for finance meeting 4/5 Feb even though it?s very imminent

e.g. banner-drop. Make sure we have presence.

Important to mobilise for finance meeting a month before the G8, especially for

people who can't make the actual summit. Gets people interested.

People worried about arrests at small actions, which would mean people couldn't

go to summit. English/welsh bail conditions don?t apply in scotland.

Important to know exactly what issues are going to be discussed at smaller

meetings. How? ? publicity working group. Working groups according to topics

e.g. all environmental groups liaising, creates mobilisation specific to G8

through common interests, wider involvement. e.g. trade unions re employment.

Employment meeting ? the working group against work ? will meet at 6pm Jan 31st

at ULU gallery bar at the same time as ULUaa.

Make sure we post all actions on indymedia.

Environmental meetings ? Earth First winter moot on 4/5th Feb ? discuss the G8


Maintaining coordination/Moving things forward

Reporting back from working groups ? post minutes to email list two weeks before

assembly meeting, then discuss issues in physical meeting. Working groups to

make sure they meet asap, preferably in the next week.

Some things cannot be said on email lists, easier to be infiltrated on email

lists. Be careful!

Process between now and next assembly meeting? Minutes posted. ULUaa to

organise next assembly meet, then to pass round the responsibility, 3rd meet

not in London.


Working groups to bring ideas. Publicity to bring a mutually pleasing aesthetic

design for general leaflets/stickers/posters etc. Make sure pdf versions

available. All to bring funds from any events put on. Some people to organise

gigs etc in the mean time.

People have signed up to relevant working group email lists and will coordinate

between now and 26th.

Action Feb 4/5th to go ahead in the mean time. Plans to be posted on general