Anybody in Berkshire?

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Mar 31 2004 22:23
Anybody in Berkshire?

Hi, new here, as you may have guessed. wink Anyway, I was wondering if there were any local groups or people in Berkshire, because I haven't heard of any, and it seems that people down here are just...too passive to do anything, so it would be nice to know if anyone with a similar outlook exists around Berkshire. smile

(On a kind of random tangent, I found out a couple of days ago that apparently Berkshire hasn't existed formally for a few years! Everything I know about local geography is a lie! cry wink )

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Apr 1 2004 15:37

I come from west Berkshire but don't live there anymore, although all my family still do and have been involved in recent political battles like Newbury by-pass. There are a few people around, particulary in Reading, which is also, of course, home to the England's greatest football team!

BTW if you think Berks is quiet, try Kent!

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Apr 3 2004 02:41


where abouts in berkshire are you?? I live near slough although spend a lot of time in reading and maidenhead areas. am also quite a newcomer to this site. must admit, havnt really felt much of an anti-cap presence in this area, but i guess its up to folk like us!? have noticed the swp havin more of a recent presence in reading college (student union, loads of posters etc) Im involved at the moment with a campaign to stop the building of two huge waste incinerators near slough (colnbrook to be precise) if your anywhere around here (altho i should warn ya, its a local resident campaign and nowhere near as horizontal as id like, but may be improving!!)

cheers, cya, stuart.

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Aug 24 2005 11:53

I'm in Bucks but spend quite a bit of time in the Berks, mainly the Maidenhead area...used to live there and such but erm, no I haven't spotted any Anti-Cap presence in the area whatsoever, it'd be good to get a group started if enough like minded people were found to be in existence smile red n black star