Palestinian Film Night @Bowl Court, Thurs 12 June

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May 31 2008 14:40
Palestinian Film Night @Bowl Court, Thurs 12 June

Thursday, 12 June, 7pm, Bowl Court Social Centre, Plough Yard, EC2

A benefit film night for Anna Wajda, a Polish activist, coordinator of Palestine solidarity group "Viva Palestyna" in Poland.
In October of 2007 she was arrested in West Bank by Israeli authorities. While in prison Anna asked an Israeli lawyer known for defending Palestinians and international human rights activists for assistance. The benefit would help cover the cost of the lawyer's intervention.

Two films will be shown preceded by an introduction from Anna's friends:

- Gaza Strip is a 2002 documentary film by James Longley which records events taking place in 2001 during the Second Intifada. The film focuses on 13-year-old Mohammed Hejazi, a second-grade dropout the filmmaker encountered at the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip, where Palestinian children often gather to throw stones.

- Shebab Daiya is a 2003 documentary film with real footage from Palestine: house demolitions, running from Israeli tanks, random shooting, defying the curfew, and interviews with Palestinians. The film was compiled from footage shot by European activists working in Palestine August 2002 to February 2003. During this period the West Bank and Gaza Strip suffered multiple invasions and a constant state of occupation by the Israeli Army. The film was made by videographers working with International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

£3 suggested donation